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Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Memoriam: Kia 1999-2011

Kia-pup came into our lives in November, 1999, a month after we were married.  She was from an accidental litter of 13 puppies (yikes!) and one of 5 females.  The Husband picked her because she just curled into his arms and chest like she was meant to be there.  And so she came home with us.

Kia was my first dog.  It was a learning experience for both of us!  I didn't do obedience school, but read and read and read and then attempted to execute.  My training wasn't perfect, but we came to a good understanding about who was Alpha in the house and what was expected. 

Hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail
 When she was three, we introduced her to her "brother" Ben.  After a rough month, we found out Kia had no thyroid function and was generally not feeling very well.  That certainly explained A LOT!  Three months later, while not the bestest of friends, she became more amiable to our fourth pack member. 

She was always a sweet, sweet pup; full of vim and vigor, loved her tennis ball (any ball really, but tennis balls were her favorite), hiking, walks...umm, walkies were probably somewhat reluctant because she didn't like her head harness.  She loved chasing thrown rocks on the shores of Lake Superior.  Kia didn't like to get her paws wet or dirty, loved to terrorize chipmunks and squirrels, pick raspberries and peas in the garden, and visit with my Mom and Dad - her 'extended pack'. 

I spy with my little eye something I would really like

Kia Boating
She was a small lab, chocolate and brown coat with blond highlights behind her ears.  She had little white patches between the pads of her feet that flashed when she walked.  Kia's ears and neck were the softest bits - just like an Angora bunny soft.   Her eyes a beautiful brown and so expressive!  Her tail should have been classified as a deadly weapon. 
Cody, Kia and Ben out for a snowshoe on Split Rock River
Frequent tummy rubs were the order of the day, and hip massages a close second.  She was my morning alarm clock, making sure I was up! up! up! and moving about. 

She loved her 'treats': bananas, carrots, strawberries, celery, green beans, brussel sprout stalks, peas, bacon grease dribbled on the kibble, cottage cheese, yogurt, and velveeta cheese.  Well, what can I say, she was a lab, she loved everything, but those were were favorites.

Kia's passing was sudden and unexpected - metastasized cancer in the abdomen and treatment options were limited to making her comfortable.  This was complicated by a partially collapsed lung and fluid in her lung and abdominal cavity.

Hiking in Grand Marais with the Parents

I hope the bright soul known as Kia has a fortuitous rebirth.  She was such a bright and happy pookie.  She will be sadly missed.


Karen said...

We love you Kia!

Karl said...

I look back and remember so many great things about Kia. From her days as a puppy to when I introduced her to my wife (I don't think she understood the 'other woman'). One of my favorite things about her was that I think she viewed herself more as a person than as a dog. In retrospect, I think she may have been more right than the rest of us.
I'll miss you Kia puppy.

Anonymous said...

{{{Hugs}}} Kia sounds like a wonderful fur-kid! I'm so sorry for your loss.

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