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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Silent Prey by John Sandford

Book #4 in the Lucas Davenport Series. Unabridged audiobook.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From In Eyes of Prey (Book #3), Michael Bekker, an insane pathologist who experiments with his patients pain thresholds, is finally brought down by an unrelenting Lucas Davenport, who brutally maims the doctors beautiful face but leaves him alive. You should have killed me, were Bekkers parting and prophetic words.

In this sequel to Eyes of Prey, Dr. Mike Bekker, a psychotic pathologist, is back on the streets, doing what he does best—murdering one helpless victim after another. Lucas Davenport knows he should have killed Bekker when he had the chance. Now he has a second opportunity —and the time to hesitate is through.

This one was beginning to read a bit like a James Bond book. Our Hero (Lucas as Bond) always gets his woman.  The bad guy is always caught but not before our Hero (Lucas as Bond) is beaten up emotionally and physically.  The story started out fairly strong, picking up directly after book number three.  Not a bad plot device in a series - moves the story along but you don't have to create a whole new situation or characters.  However, the middle dragged.  Once again our protagonists are running around in circles trying to find our antagonist, who just somehow manages to elude darn near everybody.   Downside of said plot devise - same plot, different city.  It got tedious. 

There was a subplot, Lucas was brought to New York to find out who is the crooked cop on the force, but it felt like it was lost in the whole quest for the psycho-bad guy plot and honestly, I thought what sub-plot there was, was more interesting than the main plot.  So again, tedious that I had to slog through the rest to find out what happened here. 

Still, an enjoyable enough read on my daily commute and I'll continue with Book #5 Winter Prey in a month or so.  Meanwhile, I have Shock Wave with Virgl Flowers waiting for me.  Hooray!

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