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Friday, April 13, 2012

Circle of Enemies by Harry Connelly

Book Three in the Ray Lily Series.

From Goodreads:  Former car thief Ray Lilly is now the expendable grunt of a sorcerer responsible for destroying extra dimensional predators summoned to our world by power-hungry magicians. Luckily, Ray has some magic of his own, and so far it’s kept him alive. But when a friend from his former gang calls him back to his old stomping grounds in Los Angeles, Ray may have to face a threat even he can’t handle. A mysterious spell is killing Ray’s former associates, and they blame him. Worse yet, the spell was cast by Wally King, the sorcerer who first dragged Ray into the brutal world of the Twenty Palace Society. Now Ray will have to choose between the ties of the past and the responsibilities of the present, as he and the Society face not only Wally King but a bizarre new predator.

It's my understanding that this is the final book in the series and that the author won't be writing any more.  Alas, I say, alas.  I'm usually not a fan of the "let's wring every penny out of this series" camp, but this was one I would have liked to have seen a few more books. 

Ya know, I really don't have much to say about this one other than I enjoyed it - a lot.  It was fast paced, engaging, interesting things are happening and it had a satisfactory conclusion.  If I had to pick a criticism, it would be that poor Ray never gets to sleep once he's on the job.  It's go go go.  But yet it seems to work for the plot line.  One thing Connelly doesn't do is drag a book out in my opinion.

I recommend this if I could only talk my book group into reading the first one...

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