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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Building Adventures!

The Husband is embarking on a new project - he's having a outbuilding constructed, which I have dubbed The Man Barn.  Earlier this year we had the little sinking brown shed torn down in preparation.  And over the last couple of weeks, the Husband has been clearing trees so the dirt work could start.

Photo from Spring 2008 - didn't have anything more recent!

Monday the guys came and grubbed and dozed the site.  They were amazed at how much old junk was buried on the site!  Yeah, we live on an old homestead that was built in the 1940's, back when the junk yard was a ravine out back.  Wednesday the foundation was shaped and set for the slab.
Oct 16, 2012

Oct 16, 2012

Meanwhile, we learned that my Andy-dog took great exception to being confined to his kennel when there was activity in the yard.   First he went after the door, because that worked the last time he got out.  Our deterrent system worked...mostly.  He decided he'd go out the side since the door wasn't cooperating.   The hand in the picture is mine to give you an idea of how small a space he needed to facilitate his prison break.  Of course, he left behind Ben-dog in a state of great agitation.

The Escapee.  Yes, we know you are cute...
The gate fencing after The Husband tried to put it back. 

The cement block usually sits in the corner.  Andy moved the block to facilitate his escape. Not sure if he was planning on putting it over the hole once he was out or not.

The hole. That's my hand.  The wire was originally buried (you can see the metal kennel frame at the bottom).  Yes, the hole is that small. 


Karl A. said...

Sneaky, sneaky Andy. They haven't made an enclosure that can hold him yet, over under or through, he will get out!

With work starting on the man-cave is any plan developing for the she-kitchen?

Kristin said...

Plans for the she-kitchen are definitely in the works. Need to start physically looking at counter tops, tile, etc and narrow plans down. Will share thoughts next time you are in the North Country.

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