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Monday, February 18, 2013

Recipe Review from 2/11/13

This weekend we were up on Snowbank Lake, just north and east of Ely, MN and just a stones throw from the Canadian Border.   Saturday morning was a balmy -25*F (-32*C) out on the lake at 8am.  Thank heaven's the Husband rented an ice house this year! The high did creep up to about 12*F (-11*C) which was quite pleasant actually, especially when snowshoeing.  

Sunday morning was about -5*F (-20*) on the lake, but the wind was howling about 30mph with snow flurries.  Brought the dogs inside the house with us what with no sun to keep the car warm. My Ben-dog was freaked about the holes (maybe the propane smell?) for about 1/2 an hour, then hounds calmed down and curled up on their pillows. Andy-dog just took it all in stride. 
A busy week behind us and a busy week for me ahead.  Lots of extra yoga classes this week as I sub for folks on vacations. 

 Marinara Poached Eggs  (Ckng Lght Jan/Feb 2013)
I just realized I've made a slew of recipes from the Jan/Feb issue of Ckng Lght.  Must have been a decent issue!

I've had variations on this before, and technically, this recipe was supposed to use a slow-cooked homemade marinara sauce.  Which I intended to do, until I saw I needed 9 cups of peeled and chopped plum tomatoes.  Ah, no.  Not in the middle of winter.  I used jarred sauce for this recipe and added some sauted mushrooms and caramelized onions.  English muffins rounded out the meal.  Nice comfort food after a long busy day. 
Photo from
  1. Bring marinara and crushed red pepper to a simmer in a skillet. Make 4 wells in marinara; crack 1 egg into each. Cook, covered, 6 minutes or until desired degree of doneness. Serve with toast.

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