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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The New Space Opera 2 ed Garnder Dozois and Johnathan Straham

The New Space Opera 2: All-new stories of science fiction adventureThe New Space Opera 2: All-new stories of science fiction adventure by Gardner R. Dozois

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jacket Blurb:  All-new stories of science fiction adventure from some of the most beloved names in science fiction spin all-new tales of interstellar adventure and wonder.

October 2013 book group selection.   Kinda.  I didn't realize there was a New Space Opera 1 and a New Space Opera 2 with nearly the same covers.  I grabbed 2.  Oops!  In my defense,  Space Opera 2 was the only one available as an e-book. Ultimately, it all worked out.

Mixed thoughts on this selection that stemmed partly from my inability to get into the stories - I wasn't in the mood.  Some selections were better than others, and what I may like, someone else detests. Overall, recommended.

1) Utriusque Cosmi (2009) novelette by Robert Charles Wilson.  A woman goes back in time to tell her younger self to run and don't look back because the Earth is going to explode, but see's things from a different perspective.

2) The Island (2009) novelette by Peter Watts.  In space, when building a interstellar highway, nobody wins.

3) Events Preceding the Helvetican Renaissance (2009) novelette by John Kessel.  A monk is tasked with bringing a set of plays back to the Monestary in an attempt to stop the fighting.

4) To Go Boldly shortstory by Cory Doctorow.  Making fun of Star Trek.

5) The Lost Princess Man  (2009) novelette by John Barnes.   A conman is running the “lost princess” con with a technological twist.

6) Defect  (2009) novelette by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  An assassin refuses to carry out an assignment involving biological annihilation and is now a wanted woman.  The ship carrying her husband and young son is subject to an attack, leaving only her son alive.  For the first time, she is responsible for another person, and finds that this person is more like her than she ever realized.

7) To Raise a Mutiny Betwixt Yourselves (2009) novelette by Jay Lake.   Two “Before's” with an ancient history, one ship-mind caught between its Captains.  Mutiny on several levels, but who really wins in the end? 

8) Shell Game (2009) novelette by Neal Asher.  Interspecies revenge with a biological twist. No pun intended.

9) Punctuality  (2009) short story by Garth Nix.  A young woman finds out she is Heir to the Galactic Throne.  The Galaxy wants to bring on more Punctuality drives.  There are two people who have the right kind of training - herself and her father.  One will sublime, one will rule the Galaxy. 

10) Inevitable (2009)  novelette by Sean Williams.   Who is the actually terrorist?  A planetary terrorist is caught trying to blow an access to the “Structure” by the Ship-bound.  Captured and forced to reveal another access, Ship-bound and Terrorist alike learn more than they realize.

11) Join The Navy and See the Worlds (2009) shortstory by Bruce Sterling.  India and America are the superpowers after international nukes destroy major cities.  Kipp is a world-renown hero reduced to giving space trips to tourists and ends up on an unexpected tour of the slums of India.

12) Fearless Space Pirates of the Outer Rings (2009) novelette by Bill Willingham.  A case of mistaken identity and space pirates.

13) From the Heart (2009) novelette by John Meaney.  Lost love.  Humiliation.  Redemption.  One ship for one person.

14) Chameleons (2009) novella by Elizabeth Moon.  A bodyguard finds himself stuck on his home-world with two petulant teenagers and they all surprise each other.

15) The Tenth Muse (2009) novelette by Tad Williams. 

16) Cracklegrackle (2009) novelette by Justina Robson.

17) The Tale of the Wicked  (2009)  novelette by John Scalzi.

18) Catastrophe Baker and a Canticle for Leibowitz (2009)  short story by Mike Resnick

19) The Far End of History (2009) novelette by John C. Wright.

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