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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mesabi Trail Ride 2014

Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Ride 2014 , 10th Anniversary, and number five for me!  Another fabulous ride on an absolutely perfect day.  Temps were moderately cool to begin (65*), no wind for the first half of the ride, and a very light breeze for the second half when it got into the low 80*s.  Full route this year was Fayal, MN, to Colraine, MN, a distance of 65 miles, give or take. 

A bit more coordination was required this year.  Friday night after work we dropped the bikes off in Colraine (the ride offers free bike transport to your starting point, or the option to drop off at your starting point) and we had dinner in Grand Rapids on the way home.  Saturday morning we were out the door before 7am so the Husband could drop me off in Mt. Iron by 8am, my starting point, and still get to Colraine to catch the bus to his staring point.

Sound confusing?  It is.  The ride is a one-way deal: your bikes have to be at your starting point and your car at the finish point. 

photo from the internet - one of many old tailing piles and pond along the trail

We were joined by our cycling friend Steve, who started in Fayal.  Steve biked to Mt. Iron where I met him at 9a (I just hung out for an hour and read a book and watched the early cyclists go by).  We then biked to Hibbing to join the Husband who got off the bus 5 minutes after we arrived.  Talk about perfect timing!

Now the Husband met a fine gentleman from Australia on the bus (David), and those two opted to bike together. With the Husband's blessing, Steve and I took off because we bike a bit faster.  We agreed to meet at the next stop farther down, and then again at the finish line.  This worked out really well for all of us.

When all was said and done, Steve did about 72 miles - he added extra miles at the start point.  I did about 57, and the Husband did about 34.  I screwed up my GPS track feature on my smartphone so I didn't get the stats recorded like I wanted.  Had to rely on my cycle computer, which I suspect is off a bit as I should have had 53 miles.  

Munchies at the rest stops were a selection of cookies from a local bakery, these awesome wild rice "sesame" sticks, trail mix, granola bars, and lots of fresh fruit.  Lunch at the end was sloppy joes (meat and vegetarian), potato salad, fruit salad, chips and ice cream. No one should have left hungry!

I'm already looking forward to next years ride, and Steve made a point to tell me to remind him what a good time he had.   Steve! Here's your reminder!  

photo from the internet - we climbed this this year

1 comment:

Dee said...

Oh my golly, my bottom would have been sore. The longest I've ridden is 14 miles.

Congrats on the big finish. Sounds like the ride planners did a GREAT job.

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