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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remodel Update

Pre-Demolition and Day 1 of Deconstruction

After the chaos of moving out this past weekend, misplacing two computer cords (both for my computers), losing the camera, forgetting the Husbands dress shoes, dogs totally confused because their routine has been disrupted, and the exhaustion that accompanies all, things are settling into a new routine.

Good news is I found the camera and can post pics!


Kitchen looking into "dining room"

Looking at foyer from kitchen (basement door on the right)

Kitchen (basement door on the left), kitchen table used to sit in the corner

Living room

Living room forefront, "dining room" in back left

Foyer looking at kitchen


Looking at kitchen from "dining room"

The Husband ran out to the house after work on Monday to retrieve a few forgotten items and to let the dogs run around.  I have country dogs, they are not used to being so restrained in our temporary location.  The Contractor had a busy day!  

Living room carpet gone!  YAY!  Old birch flooring - it's in really really rough shape.

The "dining room" with fridge and stove.  Old 1950's 'linoleum' was under the carpeting.

Kitchen - half wall has started to disappear.  This will be where the kitchen table will go.

Kitchen - counter tops are starting to disappear!

Due to the drive, we will most likely NOT be out here on a daily basis to start with.  However, come the beginning of May, the Husband will be since we have baby chickens on order and a chicken coop to be completed.

Lots of stuff happening this spring!  Stay tuned!   


Karl A. said...

Yea! After all these years it's finally happening!

Kristin said...

I KNOW! Even after seeing the start of the demolition, I still can't quite believe it!

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