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Friday, May 8, 2015

...and the Chickens!

Baby chicks arrived at the house at 730a this morning.  They were shipped from New Mexico on Wed, arrived at our Post Office at 7am on Fri, and the Husband was there to collect his box at 710am.  I stuck around to help unbox and introduce peepers to water and food.  They all looked healthy and lively and some were feisty right out of the box.  A very good sign.

The Husband ordered three varieties of straight (unsexed) run chickens:  Gold Lace Wyandottes, Australorps, and Ameraucana's .  The little black peepers "should" be the Australorps, but they could also be an Ameraucana.  The little multi-colored birds "should" be the Wyandottes, but they could also be Ameraucana's.   And they "should be" (biologically speaking) half of them males and half of them females.  I'm naming them all after females until I know for sure. 

Penny checking out her new home. 

Feeding Scrum!  Bernadette is the bright yellow one in the center.

And a small coop update.  Karl expressed his concern about the coop not having a roof.  The husband has fixed that problem.  ;)  Coop also now has four sides.  

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