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Monday, June 8, 2015

Remodel Update Week #10

As of Sunday evening, we are back in the house!  We currently have no furniture downstairs, no kitchen sink (thus no running water downstairs), but we do have a working stove and fridge.  I hauled down a small desk and found two chairs to make do this morning.

Puppies have a rug and their puppy pillow.  Meals are going to be pretty darn simple for a while - instant oatmeal, sandwiches, and things that I can pick up (like a rotisserie chicken) or grill.  I don't know where my silverware is, any of my cooking utensils, serving platters, etc.  Well, I know where they are (upstairs spare room) but I don't know where in the overall pile of stuff. 

And did I mention I don't have a sink?  We can't wash our dishes in the tub due to the plumbing - food stuff would just gum up the upstairs pipes.  So, we will be keeping meals simple for a while longer.

A variety of pictures from different angles.  

Using current fridge until we know exactly how big the space will be.  Then will get a new one.

Look!  We now have a range hood!  Yay!

Pantry doors (L) and basement door (R)

Empty space is where sink will eventually go.

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