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Monday, September 21, 2015

Remodel Update - September

And Lo!  It has come to pass that the kitchen remodel is officially complete!   Last week the contractor came and installed the final components:  the back splash, one drawer, and replaced one drawer face.

I am doing a happy dance!

Unfortunately, it does not mean I'm completely moved back in and everything is in it's place... I'm getting close, but still not quite there.  In fact, I was reflecting (cursing) this morning over one of my cabinets with all the tupperware, the blender, the food processor, the strainers was all higgle-de piggle-de and everything was falling out.  Yeah, a bit of organization yet awaits.

I will also admit, I think picking out the back splash was probably the most difficult part of the whole remodel.  It was hard to find something that complimented the counter top.  I don't know how many times I was at the tile place, picking out yet another sample to haul home and prop up in various places under different lighting conditions.

In the end, the Husband and I settled on a cream colored subway tile with just a hint of variation.  I really love how everything came together!  

Before I put everything back on the counters.

Different lighting
Close up!
And that, is a wrap.  If I remember - and if the kitchen is clean enough - I will post a couple pics of the completed project. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That backsplash compliments VERY nicely. I love subway tile. If we every redesign out bathroom, it will HAVE subway tile for sure.

Glad you'll be all moved back in. I'm looking forward to hearing about all the wonderful meals that you cook up in that new kitchen.

P.S. I'm cooking a new (to me) recipe tonight. If it tastes good, look for it on the blog soon. It's trendy AND healthy ----- broccoli rabe!

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