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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knitting Update Jan/Feb 2011

While it's been quiet on the knitting front since I finished all the Bella Mittens and the Button Tab Hats for the gals for the Holidays, my needles haven't been idle.  I had cast on a new pair of socks when we went to Mexico waaayyy back in November (hats took over after we got back) and I finally! finished them this weekend.  I just needed some quiet knitting time was all. 

Seedy Squares Socks
Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor
#1 circulars

Cascade Heritage Handpainted yarn in blue tones

And my fellow Chicks with Sticks are attempting to do the year of the hat.  I say attempting because my first hat has already resulted in a do-over.  I did finish it "just to see", but I am displeased and will be frogging this (probably frogged by the time this is posted).  Disappointing, but I won't be happy with the end result unless I do so. 

Leaf Lace Hat
Luxury Yarns One Skein Wonders ed. Judith Durant
#4 16" circulars
Collinette Jitterbug in olive tones  (50 grams)

I also cast on some Man Socks for The Husband, but 50 grams of worsted weight yarn at 48sts just wasn't enough despite assurances to the contrary.  A decision was necessary - do the heel and toe in an alternate color or buy another skein of yarn.  We ended up buying another skein of yarn at the Husbands request.  I loved how quickly these went - I could do half a sock in the time it took to watch one and a half football games, minus an hour to exercise the dogs.  Sweet!

Garter Stitch (Rnd 1: k2p2 Rnd 2: k)
#4 circulars

Knitpicks Swish Worsted Lava Heather

And, last but hardly least: Man Mitts from Running Biology of a Knitter (ravelry link).   While these also knit up very quickly (I finished one on a trip to the other side of the State in January), they came out HUGE.  Like MONDO HUGE.  Well, it was time to give felting a go.  Into the wash they went.  Twice.  They shrunk a mere 1/4" of an inch.  Co-workers think I need to bump up the water temp to hot and give it one more go.  If they don't work out, I'll Goodwill them or something and make him another pair.

Pre-shrink measurements

Man Mitts
"Guild Yarn" (100% wool, two strands) 
#3 circulars

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Dee said...

Oooooooooooooooooooo, SOCKS! I love both pair.

I think I'll have to give those seedy squares a go one of these days.

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