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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blood Prey by John Sandford (Lucas Davenport #20)

Waaiit a minute!  What's this #20 bit? What happened to #1-19?  Simply put, I have not read them yet.  I was in the mood for a good mystery, Sandford writes good mysteries, and this one was available as an audiobook right now.  So I grabbed it not realizing it was #20. 

And to assure you - speaking from experience now - if you pick up one of Sandford's books in the middle of the 'series', you won't have missed anything.  He writes books that are linked together, but still stand alone. Though I will also caution, that one previous book was 'spoilt' (not that that bothered me and I have no idea which of the previous 19 it was) since it was referenced in relation to the situation in Storm Prey.   I think.  I'm kinda making an assumption because I haven't actually read any others to know if this is true or not.  

From - It was an inside job, and it should have been easy. Rob the pharmacy at Minneapolis’ largest hospital: in, out, wait till things cool down, and then sell the drugs for a half million or so. But the old man had to be a hero. Who knew he’d be on blood thinners and die after he was kicked? A robbery turned murder means Lucas Davenport and his Bureau of Criminal Apprehension team are called in to assist the investigation. There’s another element to the case for Davenport: his wife, Weather, a surgeon at the hospital, may be able to identify one of the killers. The case starts to escalate. An attempt is made on Weather’s life. The bodies of two motorcycle gang members are found in a rural area. Davenport guesses the gang is imploding from the pressure and murdering its members. Weather, under 24-hour guard, is part of a surgical team working to separate conjoined twins in a procedure that’s captured the attention of the world’s media. Meanwhile, Davenport and his team keep finding bodies of likely robbers but can’t seem to isolate either the brains behind the theft or the hospital insider who pointed them at the pharmacy. The twenty-second Prey novel includes most of the elements readers expect: sharp plot, snappy dialogue, and believable action, but the background playfulness and gallows humor that usually fill in the gaps are in short supply. But hey, that’s nitpicking. On balance, this is another fine entry in a wildly popular series. --Wes Lukowsky

As the blurb notes, there are three storylines occurring at the same time.  One on tract, we are following the perpetrators as they spiral out of control.  On second tract, we watch the BIA and the Minneapolis police run around trying to figure out what the heck is happening.  On the third tract we watch Weather's surgical team deal with the cranial separation of the twins. 

If you are not a fan of knowing who the perps are and what they are trying to do to 'get away with it', then this is not the author for you.  If you don't mind watching the police try and figure out 'who done it' while you know, then you should enjoy this series.  All the favorite characters make an appearance - Shrake, Jenkins, Flowers and of course, Davenport. 

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