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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Iron Kissed (Mercy #3) by Patrica Briggs

Blurb from The lighter moments of Mercedes Thompson's days are spent tinkering with VWs. When she's not workings, this attractive, shape-shifting auto mechanic is busy fighting wrongdoers and attempting to sort out her somewhat messy love life. In this, the third Mercy Thompson novel, Ms. Fix-It must work overtime to save her former boss and mentor from a homicide charge.

It's not often I say this, but Iron Kissed   Pissed. Me. Off.   Why must a female character always be dragged through the mud emotionally and physically just to advance the plot of the series?  This is exactly what turned me off of David Weber's Honor Harrington books.  Now, I am irritated with this series.    I knew Mercy was going to be brutally attacked (read the reviews on Goodreads and some people don't know to put "spoiler alert" in their blurbs), but still.  It seemed so, contrary to the character as previously set up.  Mercy has been portrayed as this strong, smart, independent woman who runs with wolves and can wield a wicked crecent wrench. She knows karate.  She's killed vampires.  Yet she manages to put herself in a situation to be brutally beaten leaving physical and emotional scars.  Overkill, in my humble opinion.

Oh, but wait.  She was magic'ed.  She couldn't help herself. 


PS - As an aside, I admire any book that is able to elicit a strong emotional response. 


Gail O'Connor said...

Eh. I completely understand why this book pissed you off, but it didn't piss me off. For one thing, she was trying very hard not to put herself in a dangerous situation. And secondly, she was the one who saved herself from her attacker, and I think that's very important. Bad stuff happens, but she's not a damsel in distress who needs someone to rescue her. She handles it, in a believable fashion. Which places this miles ahead of most fiction about women in peril.

Kristin said...

Very true and I agree.

But it is still the premise of the plot devise, that at some point a female character is going to end up in a very. bad. way. that just ticks me off. It's like the vulnerability of the 'fairer sex' no matter how strong and dominant they are, ends them up in a. bad. way.


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