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Friday, May 27, 2011

Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman

This is book two in the Navjho series with Lt. Joe Leaphorn.

From The state police and FBI are baffled when an old man and a teenaged girl are brutally murdered. The blind Navajo Listening Woman speaks of ghosts and witches. But Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn knows his people and begins an investigation that leads to the most violent confrontation of his career.

Lt. Leaphorn is methodical, fitting what he knows of his people to the situation and the landscape in which they live.  There are subtleties and nuances to living amongst the Navajo that outsiders just won't understand, but are integral to the way the crimes are committed and solved.

My complaint with this one was (understanding that I am still probably the last person to read this series) Lt. Leaphorn spent most of his time being chased around the landscape.  I found that to be a bit tiresome after a while.  I really can't expound more on this thought because it does become part of the 'who done it', which, really, was rather brilliant. 

My other complaint, which has nothing to do with the book, was the audio CD's which I was listening to (from the library), were so scratched on the last disk that it left me hanging with ten minutes left in the book!  Nothing quite so frustrating as to have a murder-mystery leave you hanging because of a malfunction.  Had to check out the book to find out the final details. 

Otherwise, recommended!

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