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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Memoriam: Cody 1996-2011


Cody was my friends golden retriever. I met her – and him – when I first started working in my current job. She was so sweet, good natured, and a fun pup to be around. Cody was my first close-up exposure to a dog and dog training and my friend had to endure all sorts of dog training and etiquette questions.

Mostly what I learned was that we, as dog owners, can talk the talk and walk the walk, but when it comes to our four legged furry friends, they really train us.

Over the years Cody enjoyed pheasant hunting in South Dakota, camping on Kabetogema, boating, swimming, hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail, chasing balls and sticks, traveling, the two E2's company, greeting her extended pack (also known as the nutjobs Ben and Kia) and endured many comments about how “she was not Rose”.  No Cody, you were never Rose, but a wonderful sweet soul unto yourself!

Kia and Cody

May your rebirth be fortunate.  Heck, you had to put up with T;  your rebirth can only be fortunate!

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