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Monday, November 28, 2011

Hilton Head SC/Savannah GA 2011

No recipe review this week!  We were off on Grand Adventures last week - a trip to sunny South Carolina!

Sunset from the fishing docks

Departed Duluth on a less than balmy Saturday morning and arrived in Savannah at about 3p in the afternoon.  Once we had rental car keys in hand, we made the 30 minute drive to Hilton Head and checked into our resort and room.  Dinner shortly followed at Roast Fish and Cornbread - which I can safely say was probably the best meal of the week - which is why I'm mentioning it.  Absolutely fabulous!  I need to find a recipe to mimic the spiced sweet potato cornbread.  Yum yum yum.

Sunday we treat as a 'down day' and hang around the area.  It took us three attempts to find the beach  what with all the multitude of little twisty windy roads.  Lots of lounging and leisurely walks.  Huh...I didn't take any pictures of the beach! 

Spanish Moss in a Live Oak on Honey Horn plantation. 

Monday we branched out to explore the whole island and we ended at Honey Horn plantation for  a guided tour, which ended up being just us.  I just love these kinds of tours, so much more personal than just walking around reading signs.  Honey Horn was also showing an outside art exhibit - what a neat contrast with the historical plantation and modern art. 

Winner of the judged exhibit. Titled "The Family" (there is a third horse
not in the picture).  Will go on permanent display in the main city on Hilton Head.

Tuesday we headed back to Savannah to wander the historic district.  We were here in April of 2008 and hadn't alloted enough time to really explore all the parks and streets.  With a tip from my folks - who had also been here previously - we had an early dinner at the Griffon Tea house.  Absolutely lovely...except when I realized on the way back to Hilton Head I left my visor there.  Drat and bother...

So hard to pick just one picture.  A house off of one of the famous garden squares.

Wednesday was more lounging and we rented a bike for the coming Holiday weekend.  First we went to Harbor City and checked out the lighthouse and marina.  Then we went back, rented a tandem and did a lovely 5 miles.  Whee!  The Husband got to do the drivin'...little did he know that could just put my feet up on the supports and coast along....hehehe...

Oops! Someone let all the water out! 
8' between low tide and high tide. 

Thursday (Bird Day!) we signed up for a Southern Style Thanksgiving Buffet on the BEACH!  How awesome is that!  Well, pretty awesome for these Yankee's.  70*, slight breeze, I lucked out and got by the heater (70* with a breeze of the  Atlantic is really not all that warm.)  Ooo, so stuffed.  A ambling walk along the beach after helped those digestive juices,  then we finished watching the Packers beat the Lions before a bike ride on the BEACH!  How cool is that?!?  We were biking on the beach on Thanksgiving day.  Whee!!!  (Remember that comment about no beach pics....?)  >:(

Friday we thought about going up to Beauford, but opted to bike around Hilton Head Island instead.  The Husband wanted to find the remains of a Revolutionary fortification, but the best we could do was a Civil War era bunker.  And in the process we kinda circumnavigated the island on bike, ending at a putt-putt place.  

Tidal Marsh on Port Royal Sound

Saturday was departure day, and our flight didn't leave until 6p at night (which turned out to be 7p due to a weather delay in Chicago).  A lovely breakfast out, a round of putt-putt at a different mini-golf place, and then back to Savannah where I was able to retrieve my lost visor!  Hooray!  (This particular visor is from a trip to the Quad Cities to see the then River City Bandits, one of the MN Twin's minor league teams.  Logo doesn't exist any more.)

So it was with much regret we came home to  30* and a very blustery 25mph wind.  Bleh.  Good to be home again though. 


Karl said...

It must have been a little hard to come back to the frozen tundra after such a great trip!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful vacation. Charleston and Savannah are two of my favorite cities to visit.

Now you must read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil --- since you've already been to the squares.


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