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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knitting Update

This post is like way, way overdue.  I admit it's been a very slow year for knitting. I suspect it had a lot to do with adopting Andy and his training, my two work companions changed their schedules so we didn't knit on Friday's this summer (having knitting companions is very inspiring for getting projects done). There was the usual yard work and it was easier to read in the evening than to concentrate on a project.

Let's not forget two trips (Madison, WI and Reno, NV), even though I knit during both.  But now that the weather has turned much cooler and being outside is less attractive, and it's bloody dark at 530pm, I've picked up the needles again.

Most notable this year is I taught myself how to do a toe-up sock.  LOVE IT!  I'm still experimenting with casting on the toe and what I prefer, but for some reason it is so much fun to do a sock from bottom up rather than cuff down that I'm not sure I could go back.  It'll depend on the pattern I suppose.

And now, the completions:

Basic Cable Sock (but toe up!)
Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch
Yarn:  "Four Season Grundl" Merinetta (a German yarn) in olive green
#1 circulars

Lacy Cotton Socks
Pattern: forgot from where!!  Probably Ravelry
Yarn: Scholler/Stahl  Sockina Cotton 
#1 circulars
I bought this yar like 5 years ago from the Yarnery in St. Paul when I was first learning how to knit and didn't know any impulse buy and a good argument why not to do impulse buys. Lovely to work with, but I'm now not a fan of cotton yarn. I  had some technical difficulties with the pattern - a brainfart if you will - that I didn't discover until I was well into sock #2. I just went with it rather than frogg both out.  Didn't care for this particular toe either - very boxy and not tapered as I prefer.

Temple Cat Hat
Pattern: Temple Cat Hat from KnitPicks
Yarn: City Tweed DK in Obsidian and Snowshoe
#5 circulars
It had been a while since I worked with two strands (see Moose Hat below) but I needed a project for the drive to/from the Viking game and this fit.  The braided brim takes forever.  I estimate at least 4 1/2 hours.  It's a 3 hour drive to the Cities and 3 hours back home.  In about 4 1/2 of those hours I didn't get it done!  Slow, but worth it.  The rest of the hat was fun fun fun and I quickly finished it in a couple weekends.

Orange Hat for the Nephew.
Pattern: based off of the Ely hat by....???
Yarn: KnitPicks
#4 circulars.
Sister called and said the nephew had finally outgrown his little pumpkin hat I made him when he was one.  This is a small crisis in their family as the little guy wears the hat all. year. long.  Knitpicks has such a great selection of yarns that it was no trouble finding orange (I'm talking pumpkin orange here) and whipping up a hat. 

And on the needles, as a do-over:
Moose Hat
Pattern by Knitpicks
#6 circulars

I started this wayyyy back in March or April, then Kia-dog had her troubles and passed away. Introduce new doggie, say good bye to free time until a couple weeks ago.  Really wasn't wild about how it looked so I ripped it back to the brim and began again.  Pleased with progress. 

photo from

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