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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crewel Yule by Monica Ferris (#8)

Crewel Yule (A Needlecraft Mystery, #8)Crewel Yule by Monica Ferris

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found myself a bit between books (just finished Silent Prey by John Sandford and Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding) I needed something light, fast, and not in-depth for the weekend.  I'm also trying to read a few of the paperbacks I have lying around.  And then I remembered the Monica Ferris books - brain candy as they come AND a Christmas theme.  Very cool.

From GoodreadsPart-time sleuth and full-time owner of the needlework shop Crewel World, Betsy Devonshire prepares for a chilling holiday season filled with mistletoe--and murder.
I was pleased to see the Ms Ferris took her gang of sleuths on the road to Nashville for this version. The series was starting to move in the Mrs Marple direction where everyone in Excelsior, MN, seems to be in danger of getting bumped off. The downside of this book was it was too obvious "who done it" and somewhat implausible that here we have a murder at a well known hotel, but yet the police are too busy with traffic accidents (a snowstorm shut down Nashville) to come and investigate. Thus opening the door for our Heroine, her assistant and our traditionally built Swedish female cop.

But substance wasn't what I wanted when I picked up this book. I wanted familiar characters, a moderately interesting setting, and to zone out for several hours. Objective achieved.

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