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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movie Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The Husband and I finally had an opportunity to check out the newer indie theater that opened in Duluth well over a year ago. Since we don’t live in town, and only I work in town, in addition to two nights of yoga classes a week, getting to a movie is problematic. I either have to stay in town from 730a till late, or I have to make the 25 mile round trip twice - suddenly I’m driving 100 miles in one day! I don’t think so… and we have the pups to keep in mind.

Anyway, we were in town this weekend for a “staycation” that included two nights at the Historic Fitger’s Inn, a UMD Bulldogs game, some great dining out, and! A movie at the Zinema Theater. When I found out Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was there I pretty much declared we were going.

Based off of the book by John le Carre, this is set in England in the 1970’s during the Cold War. This is a classic spy thriller about spies spying on spies within the ranks of England’s MI6 department. The Controller and Mr. Smiley have been sacked after an agent in Budapest is shot. Later, Mr. Smiley is contacted by a government official to look into the rumor of a rogue agent - now missing - regarding a mole in the upper echelon of MI6. From here Smiley follows twists and turns that all lead back to the dead agent in Hungary.

I thought this was a very cool movie. I loved the watching the tangled web being slowly unraveled with methodical intelligence gathering - not a car chase, gun fight or bomb explosion to be seen anywhere. Smiley would tug at one thread and see what happens, then pursue another thread that didn’t seem to make any sense until later. Absolutely delightful how everything comes apart. But I love movies like this - thinking movies. I’m looking forward to watching it again just to see what I pick up that I missed in the first go.

PS - I will also admit I have not read the book. Yet.  Not entirely sure I want too now that I've seen the movie and enjoyed it as much as I did.  

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