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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sherlock by PBS Masterpiece Mystery!

This was a three part series released in 2010 by PBS Mystery.  I had to laugh when I saw the first episode - I had actually caught the first 5-10  minutes of this, but not knowing what the heck I had just tuned into, I stopped watching.  Alas, just now did I realized what I had missed!

I have seen just about every version of Sherlock out there;  I confess I have not watched the Basil Rathborne series; but I've seen the Jeremy Brett version several times, in addition to the new Sherlock movie with Robert Downey Jr.  I've read the stories, I've taken classes on them, Sherlock to me is something everyone should read at least once.  Those of us with a leaning toward mysteries, tend to read them several times.

The new series has been modernized, which to some purists may be grounds to hunt down the producers with pitchforks.  Not being a purist, I have to say this was one of the best Sherlock variations I have seen to date (sorry, Mr Downey).   Up till now my standard was Jeremy Brett with Robert Downey Jr a close second.  Sorry gentlemen,  you have to stand aside, Benedict Cumberbatch has surpassed you both.  The producers did an outstanding job in my opinion, blending the traditional with the modern.  Absolutely outstanding.  

Season 1 of Sherlock by PBS Masterpiece Mystery!

In the first episode, we are introduced to our new John Watson, a medical doctor who has been wounded in Afghanistan.  If you are familiar with the books, you will know that Dr. John Watson was indeed a medical doctor who was wounded in Afghanistan.   By happen stance, he is introduced to Sherlock Holmes and they become flatmates at 221b Baker St.  Watson is then dragged into topsy-turvy world of Sherlock's investigations with the Case of the Study in Pink - three bodies have shown up as suicides, when nothing indicates that these people were suicidal.  The one liners, the photography, the delivery of the lines was a delight - we watched it twice in fact.

The second episode was a bit darker, but still retained all the quirkiness from number one.  Sherlock has an idea, and runs after it.  Holmes is in charge of damage control, which may even mean he's left holding the bag.  Literally.  The Blind Banker begins with a trip to a bank.  One of their managers has gone missing.  A room has been spray painted, in a security tight building, in a locked room.  The bank hires Sherlock to figure out how the person got in and out without the camera's catching him.  All this leads to illegal imports from China and the secret organization behind it. 

The third episode.  Ahh, loved this one.  Again, watched it twice.  Opening sequence is great, Sherlock is firing Dr. Watson's pistol at a wall while muttering, "Bored! Bored! Bored!"  In The Great Game someone is threatening to blow up people if Holmes doesn't figure out these little mysteries in a given time.   I felt that in this episode, Dr. Watson's role as Holmes conscious was solidified.  Holmes begins by treating this as a game, but realizes at the end the perhaps Dr. Watson was more correct than he realized. 

Now, if you haven't seen these yet - GO WATCH THEM!    'Nuff said. 

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