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Friday, May 11, 2012

In Memorium: Maggie 2003-2012

Maggie was the bro and SIL's Great Dane.  A beautiful fawn colored dog with a black face, and in her later years, a beautiful white face.  I really don't think you could have found a sweeter dog.  Weighing in between 140 and 150, she let you know she wanted some loving by coming up and leaaannnning against you.  She stood tall enough that my Ben could easily run right under her legs.  

Sept 2005

As a puppy S would take her to work (she did before and after school programs for kiddies) and they would shove the desks aside and play tag.   Now that's a dream job for any puppy!

Over the last year or so, Maggie was "adopted" by a family down the street from K3 after they lost their dog.  Such loving Maggie got there!  Baths, attention, walks, it was a good situation for everyone.  Bro and SIL didn't have to kennel Maggie and Maggie got baths...

I was reflecting this past week as I was watching the morning sun stream in, that I still had Maggie-snot on my window.  Yes, a window that is easily 4' off the ground has her nose prints on it. 

You'll be missed puppy-kins. 


Dee said...

I'm so sorry.

Danes are the best *leaners* in the world. Our neighbor's dane does the same thing. Makes me laugh every time.

I'm glad you have such fond memories of your big girl.

Karl A. said...

Thanks K1,
I feel fortunate to have had the time I did with Maggie Rae A. of the Nile (That was her full name, not that she needed that many names. S and I are going to miss her a lot. The house just isn't the same without her.

Kristin said...

Thanks for chiming in - I had forgotten she was also "Maggie Rae".

Our furry four legged friends bring us so much, we often don't realize it until the *are* gone.

In memorium - Kia 1999-2011. 1 year ago this weekend.

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