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Monday, December 3, 2012

Meal Planning Part II - After the Vacation

A while back I posted about Meal Planning and what works for me in a typical week.  Over Thanksgiving I was on vacation - this was a Saturday to Saturday vacation, both ends being long travel days.  If you are like me, by the time you get home the last thing you want is another restaurant meal.  Or to be faced with mediocre pizza delivery.  Though if you're like my Husband, who's eyes light up at the mere mention of pizza, delivery isn't such a bad way to go.  Or, my dreaded scenario after a week on the go, facing a day of grocery shopping when you'd rather just be mellow on the couch.

This trip I got smart.  I did some simple meal planning ahead of time so I could come home, unpack and the only thing I would have to do, would be laundry. 

Did I mention the simple bit?  That's the key - I already had enough going on pre-trip that I didn't want to get elaborate.  Post trip is busy enough catching up at work and with yoga.  No new recipes here.  Have I mentioned lately that the crockpot is your friend?  Repeat after me, the crockpot is my friend

Here's what I did ahead of time:
1) Have the Husband make is favorite crockpot chili.  Freeze for lunches.  Badabing! Badaboom!
2) Pre-buy some Frito's scoops and apples for lunches (apples are NOT going to go bad in a week in the fridge).  Set aside.  Let family know apples and chips are off limits.
  • I had some leftover Wild Rice Soup that I froze.  One dinner.  Maybe two.
  • Two leftover Jamaican Bean patties that are getting a bit freezer burned.  Tater tots to go with.  Use leftover frozen buns.  One dinner.
  • 8oz left of 16oz andoulli sausage from a previous meal - serve with tater tots.  One dinner.
  • pre-buy spagetti ingredients (not a freezer item...)

So here's how my meal plan looked once I plotted it out; keeping in mind that I knew I wouldn't get to the grocery store until Tuesday.  When meal planning, don't forget to look at the evening's activities and plan around those!

Sun  lunch - spagetti
       supper - veggie burgers and tater tots
Mon (K yoga, bkgrp) - Husband gets leftover spagetti
Tues - Wild Rice Soup
Wed - (Husband work function) I get leftover soup
Thurs - (K yoga) leftover soup/canned soup if no leftovers
Fri - Sausage and tater tots

Lunches - Chili, Frito scoops, apples, carrots, luna bars
Breakfasts - oatmeal and english muffins or eggy sandwiches

So what did I buy ahead?
  • Fritos
  • apples
  • English muffins (versitile!)
  • eggs (eggs will easily keep in the fridge over a week long vacation).
  • tater tots
  • spagetti and spagetti sauce
What did I have on hand:
  • veggie burgers
  • andoulli sausage
  • can evaporated milk (for oatmeal and morning tea)
  • yogurt
  • tomato soup
  • evaporated milk for oatmeal and tea (was supposed to be for pumpkin pie, but it works as a great milk substitute)

So my grocery shopping list is going to be pretty small.  SWEET!!
  • bananas
  • spinach
  • yogurt
  • goat milk
  • frozen fruit (ran out before I left)
  • cheese slices for grilled cheese (last minute decision.  I LOVE grilled cheese with soup.)
  • and some non-food essentials 

Again, this is what works for me.  Nothing elaborate the week after and an emphasis on using what I've got stashed.  And the crockpot is my friend.  :) 

1 comment:

Dee said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan.

That is something I really need to start doing ... meal planning! Here we eat out way, way, WAY too often.

You have inspired me to buckle down and start planning ahead.

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