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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Movie: Oblivion

What a plethora of scifi movies coming out this year!  Oblivion, Star Trek, Superman, Enders Game, and a couple more whose names escape me.

Saturday was proving to be cold, overcast, and rainy so it was perfect for a trip into town to run neglected errands and catch a movie.  I talked the Husband into Oblivion as a precursor to Star Trek in two weeks.

Right off the bat, I don't have strong feelings one way or another about Tom Cruise.  It seems people either like him or loathe him, but ultimately it must be admitted, the guy can make a good movie.

Plot summary:  Jack and Bika are the last two technicians assigned to watch the hydroplants converting a devastated Earth's water resource to fuel before making the move to Titans's moon to join the rest of humanity.  Five years of constantly fighting the "Scav's ", who keep taking out the drones protecting the hydroplants, has left Jack wondering if he really wants to leave.  But a downed NASA ship causes him to question everything he has ever known and throws him into a conundrum of epic proportions.

We both enjoyed the movie.  The pacing was good, the premise was interesting, the visual effects weren't too over the top, the backdrop was very cool, and I enjoyed the plot even though it pulled from about five other science fiction flicks.  I will also say that *I* found Oblivion a bit predictable and made more than a couple muttered "didn't see that coming..." under my breath.  With only 6 people in the theater I wasn't worried about being overheard. 

The movie isn't without a few faults, such as the rescued Julia having ready access to a skin-tight pilots suit when a moment before she's in a tank top.  And it seems you can't have Tom Cruise in a movie without putting him on a motorcycle.  There are more, but I am reluctant to go complaining too much when I was happily entertained on a rainy afternoon and would watch it again. 

Go see it.  Recommended. 

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