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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (Dresden #6)

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jacket blurb: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, takes on a case as a favor to his friend Thomas-a vampire of dubious integrity-only to become the prime suspect in a series of ghastly murders.

Purple primates, puppies, and porn.  I was laughing and gripping the my steering wheel in baited anticipation from chapter one.  Subsequent chapters found me sitting in my car over lunch, eking out extra minutes before yoga class, and even listening in the garage.

This Dresden #6 in the series and was the first Dresden I've done as an audiobook. James Marsters is a fantastic narrator and added so much to the book.

This book was a bit of a roller coaster.  Harry isn't running around like a chicken with his head cut off, we don't find Harry nekkid out in the street, but we do find our good wizard acting like a Hypocritical Ass.

For example, in this book, Harry is employed by Thomas, a vampire of the White Court, to help an associate of Thomas's.  Harry knows Thomas is a vampire and thus, not to be wholly trusted and kills people to feed - but then Harry goes all moral and "I'm more righteous than thou" on Thomas when Harry realizes Thomas's girlfriend is food.  Hell-O!  Vampire we're talking about here!

My biggest complaint with the series is how Butcher must explain the history of everything in each book.  By book 6 in the series this has become...tiresome.  If someone is picking up the series in the middle, make them go back to the beginning to get the background information. 

I also confess to being constantly worried about the health and well being of one small puppy...

This book was full of surprises and I haven't had an OMG! moment like I did in this one in a long time.

Recommended if you like the Dresden series.

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