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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inaugral Fishing Trip!

The Husband bought a new boat this summer and what with one thing or another that evolved around schedules or weather,he  wasn't able to get out to go fishing.  This past weekend finally provided the opportunity.  We grabbed some sandwiches, picked up a tub of worms and headed to Fish Lake.

The afternoon, while sunny, was not exactly warm.  Maybe 55* with a brisk wind that was a bit raw on exposed skin.  I should add that he fished: I read and did a bit of knitting.  We had the Viking's game on and I think we picked the right choice in listening to the game rather than watching it.  He found a couple places out of the wind where we could just drift along.  

The few leaves still on the trees made for a lovely contrast against the evergreens and the cattails.

Success!  The first fish caught in the boat.   A 2oz perch.  No worries - little fish went back into the water.

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Karl A. said...

Glad to hear you made it out, I'm jealous. Perch sells for roughly $3.20 a pound, so at this rate D only needs to catch 37,499 more that big to pay the boat off! :)

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