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Monday, December 2, 2013

Edisto Island. South Carolina, 2013

Last week found us on our annual Thanksgiving Week Get-Away to Edisto Island, South Carolina.  We last visited Edisto in March of 2009, and Hilton Head in 2011, and enjoyed the area enough to want to return yet.  Weather wasn't as cooperative this go around, but the trip was still enjoyable and relaxing.

Flew out fairly early Sunday morning from Duluth and after only one mechanical delay in Chicago, we were on the ground in Charleston, SC by 1130am.  After getting probably the stinkiest and dirtiest car National had in the parking lot, we were on the road to Edisto Island, just an hour's drive away.

View from our unit at Wyndham "The Marshes".

Monday was a hang out and decompress day:  reading, knitting, a walk on the beach - the weather was starting to turn as winter storm "Boreas" bore down on the East Coast.

Tuesday ended up being another hang out day - a brief morning walk before the rain and wind hit.

View from our unit during Low Tide as winter storm Boreas rolled in.

Wednesday, as the storm worked it way north and east, we decided to head down to Beaufort and Port Royal.  Temperatures started out about 50* and by the time the day ended, we were a balmy 35* with a wind sharp enough to chill your very bones.  I was regretting leaving my mittens in Duluth...

Given it was the day before Thanksgiving, and the weather was less than optimal, we did a van tour around the historic area, a bit of walking, and that was the day.

Civil War history in Beaufort, SC
Thursday the sun was back even if the temperature stubbornly stayed in the 40's.  We enjoyed a tastefully simple buffet at Grover's Bar and Grill, watched the National Dog Show, watched the Packers get roundly trounced, and fit in a late afternoon walk.  Mitten's required!

Nary a snowflake to be seen! 

Friday we traveled up to Charleston!  Started the day with a carriage ride, had a lovely lunch at the 82 Queen Restaurant, visited the Nathanial-Russel Mansion with it's free standing cantilevered elliptical staircase (wow!), walked around the historical district, Battery Park and the Waterfront before finishing with a teeny bit of Christmas shopping.

Classic Carriage Company, Charleston, SC

Nathanial-Russel House
Historical District by Battery Park
Saturday we took a leisurely drive up to the Irwin House Vinyards to partake in "Sippin' Saturday's" which includes wine tasting, catered food (gumbo!) and live bluegrass music.  We then swung by the Charleston Tea Plantation to pick up some tea before heading back to Edisto for one more beach walk before laundry and packing.

Sunday we were out the door by 5am and at the airport by 630a for the Charleston/Atlanta/Minneapolis/Duluth trek home. Yeah, a couple of layovers, but it put us at home base by 2:30p in the afternoon.  A nice way to decompress and relax before hitting the ground running Monday morning.  All in all, despite the cool temps and blustery winds, an enjoyable trip to a great part of the country. 


Karl A. said...

Welcome home! We've been making ice while you were away!

Kristin said...

Yeah...I noticed the ice. And the snow. None to happy about it either. ;)

Dee said...

Your pictures are very pretty, especially the rough water on the inlet.

Charleston is one of my favorite places to visit. I love walking around the Battery.

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