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Monday, March 24, 2014

Recipe Review from 3/17/2014

Happy Spring!

We got 5" of snow on Friday.  It was 0* on Saturday morning.  It is currently -4* as I type this on Sunday morning.  Low temps for the coming week are supposed to be hovering around 0*.  I am beginning to think spring is some make believe season...

This was the meal plan:
Fri - leftover sausage rice soup
Sat (B) pancakes  (L)  grilled cheese and soup  (S) leftover sausage rice soup
Sun (Yoga open house)  (L) leftover sausage rice soup  (S) Boiled Dinner
Mon (Yoga/IMA mtg)  leftover boiled dinner
Tues  Winter Squash Stew with beans and corn
Wed (retirement party, social hour only)  leftovers
Thurs (yoga) leftovers
Fri - leftovers

Alas, the flu ran though our house last week so the Irish Boiled Dinner lasted the whole week.  It's not a new recipe, but a St. Paddy's Day standard.   The Husband modified it a bit and slow cooked the roast and veggies.  Lots of variations on this dish if you Google Irish boiled dinner so you can really tailor this to your tastes. 

Boiled dinner: 
1 -3 lb pork roast (beef brisket, corned beef, or "picnic ham")
red potatoes, washed and quartered
turnips, peeled, washed and cut into same size as potatoes
cabbage cut into wedges
onion, chopped
baby carrots
1 bottle Moose Drool beer (or whatever's on hand or broth of choice)

Season pork and put in a slow cooker.  Add a  bit of water.  Add veggies.  Cook on low about 6 hours or until pork and veggies are done.  Serve with mustard. 

1 comment:

Dee said...

I am beginning to think you might be right about spring.

We were having our version of spring and whammo --- we are back to winter for tomorrow and Wednesday.

Oh well --- I guess I can't mind too much since our winter is basically every one else's spring. ;-)

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