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Monday, June 23, 2014

Stockton, Illinios

 This past weekend found us in Stockton Illinois.  What a beautiful part of the country!  We were about 30 miles east of Galena, IL and 30 miles west of Freeport, IL. We drove down in the rain, but it was decent after that: basically mid-80's, sunny and humid the rest of the trip - which I loved.  The Husband, not so much, he's a bit of a polar bear.   

Downtown Stockton on an idyllic summer evening.

So Thursday was a travel day - about 7 hours or so.  Our accommodations were an upstairs apartment in one of the original buildings on Main St. someone had converted into a "B&B/Extended Stay" kinda place - a two bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, dining room and living room.  The Husband found it on  Very nice older apartment, quiet location, and I could make meals rather than having to eat out for four days in a row.  Downside - no wifi; which I didn't think that was much of a downside in all honesty.  Was nice to be "unplugged" for a while.

So what took us to Stockton of all places?  This: 

 Kraft cheese started here a looonng time ago...

Friday started out very foggy and wet so we met up with my Folks and went to the Massbach Ridge Winery for a tour and tasting, then over to Galena for some lunch and walking , and back to Stockton so the folks could do a bit more meet and greet. 

Great tour, delicious wines, beautiful area.

Oldest House in Galena
After chilling a bit, Duane and I headed over to Freeport to the Jane Adams Trail - SO COOL!  Alas, a late start had us on the trail closer to 7p than the 6p I was hoping for, which gave us time for only an hour ride (about 12 miles).  Beautiful trail. 

Trail head in Freeport, IL

Old Grainery on the abandoned RR Grade.

Saturday we had family pictures, then got to sit on a wagon in a parade, more pictures, and the rest of the day was stuff in the park.  We ducked out mid-afternoon so I could fit in a ride, and well, that ended up being a short one too.  D dropped me off and drove ahead and met up at Apple River Canyon St. Park where we got sidetracked by the rock formations and history.   And then it was time to head back for more family stuff. 

Right down mainstreet! 

Old Milk Wagon

Sunday was a travel day - we decided to try zigging up through La Crosse, WI, then to Eau Claire, but a detour for a bridge that was out pushed us back east by 23 miles.  Grrr...  Supper in Superior at our favorite pizza place (The Thirsty Pagan) while we waited for our puppy pick up time, and pulled into the driveway about 6pm.  Plenty of time to unpack and relax! I'm tired... 

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Dee said...

One CAR!!!! There's only one car on that DOWNTOWN street? Living in a place where traffic is a constant, that town really appeals to me.

I love towns that have a main street. Looks like a perfect place to relax ....the B&B sounds like a great idea too. Home away from home. :-)

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