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Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Knitting Interlude

I don't post much about my knitting projects on the blog even though I keep my Ravelry site up to date.  Not sure why that is.  So I thought I would take a post here and do a recap of some finished projects.

Note:  All links go to Ravelry.  

Clockwork Scarf  v2.0     pattern by Stephan West
Malabrigo Sock Yarn "Tiziano and Pozion"
1 skein of each

First time I made this I totally used the wrong kind of yarn.  Majorly frustrating and disappointing, but a lesson learned.  Second time I used Malabrigo for it's striking colors and loved the results.  A great project for conventions and travel, as it's just a lot of knitting and purling (but ya gotta remember those increases!)

Three in One Tweed Kitchen towels
Knitpicks Cotlin DK "Celery and Coffee"
1 skein of each
 #7 circs

I enjoyed this pattern.  The alternating colors kept the project engaging.  What I didn't like was the the outside edge and how it seemed to snug up.  The recipent has noted it washes and wears really nicely. 

dishcloth behind is Thistles, pattern by Knitpicks.

Dustland Mits  Pattern by Stephan West
Malabrigo Sock Yarn "Tiziano and Pozion"
#4 circs

Another stash busting project.  I had enough leftover yarn from the Clockwork Scarf to make a pair of these.  I was hoping to give them to the recipient of the Clockwork, but alas, they turned out waaayy too small for a guys hands.  Major bummer.  Still, fun to knit - I love the alternating pattern as it keeps the project engaging.

If you enlarge the photo you can see the different patterns. 

Top-Down Toddler Hoodie Blanket
Knipicks Pima Cotton "Sprout"
8 or 10 skeins?  we lost count...
#5 circs

This was a co-project with my sister Karen for our newest niece, Ms Ellie, who arrived back in July.  We each knit 1/2 the blanket, and both of us LOVED the Knitpicks yarn.  A dream to work with.  This project was probably the bulk of my knitting for the year, along with the cowl below.

just after being blocked

Hypatia Cowl by Knitpicks

Knitpicks City Tweed DK "Habanero"
5 skeins
#5 circs

An interesting pattern that has a different cable happening on the front and the back.  My one mistake with the cowl was I should have gone with the short version rather than the long.  I was soooo  ready to be done with this by the time I hit that fifth skein.  This took up the bulk of the knitting for the year along with the blanket. 

Birdie's Mitts
Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks - "Boston" (discontinued)
#2 circs

A stash busting project!  I had just enough yarn to complete these adorable little mitts.  I liked the patterns simplicity with just a cable at the wrists.  I would make these again, but increase the cuff another inch or so and maybe make the finger cuff a bit longer to roll up and down.  Maybe...

Dimity Wrap  Pattern by Fiber Wild, Galena IL
Frog Tree Pima Silk  (2 skeins)
#8 circs

A lacy cowl that can be worn single or double wrapped.  I fell in love with the purple when I saw it on display and knew the perfect recipient.  Lacy pattern foiled me at first, and I frogged out one skein and started over completely.  Second go was a breeze.  Fast to knit and a delight to watch the recipients reaction (she loved it!). 

Ribby Wristers
Wisdom Yarms Marathon Socks - "Boston" (not a typo)
#2 circs

This was another stash busting project.  I had made these into socks years and years ago, ran short of yarn, couldn't find more, and they languished in the box.  Then I decided to turn them into a pair of fingerless mitts!  A quick pattern search on ravelry found me the perfect pattern and wah-la!   I had me a project!   Even better, no thumb to futz with.  I really liked the length of these, both on the arms and over the fingers. 

sorry, not the best photo

Te Ara Fingerless Mitts
Schoeller&Stahl Sockina Cotton
#3 circs

And another stash busting project!  Go me!  Part of the skein was made into socklettes years ago, and I ran out of yarn while making the second pair.  I wasn't liking them as socks anyway, so they languished with the Boston socks above.  Ravelry to the rescue, and these were turned into a pair of fingerless mitts.  I really enjoyed this pattern, and I think the twist at the wrist really does this yarn justice.  Ironically, I think the person I gave the socklettes to is getting the fingerless mitts...

So that rather sums up 2014 in one large post. While I certainly don't have a huge stash, it has grown larger than I am comfortable with and so I will continue my downsizing over the coming year.  I think about 90% of my yarns have an assigned project, which is really helpful when picking out the next thing. Now I just need the time to knit! 

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