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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deadline by John Sandford (Virgil Flowers #8)

Deadline (Virgil Flowers, #8)Deadline by John Sandford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacket Blurb: In Southeast Minnesota, down on the Mississippi, a school board meeting is coming to an end. The board chairman announces that the rest of the meeting will be closed, due to personnel issues. “Issues” is correct. The proposal up for a vote before them is whether to authorize the killing of a local reporter. The vote is four to one in favor.

Meanwhile, not far away, Virgil Flowers is helping out a friend by looking into a dognapping, which seems to be turning into something much bigger and uglier—a team of dognappers supplying medical labs—when he gets a call from Lucas Davenport. A murdered body has been found—and the victim is a local reporter. . . .

Read as an audiobook. Loved every minute of it.

Premise of the book is Virgil Flowers is back from vacation and a bit at loose ends.  He gets a call from Johnson Johnson asking for help solving a dog napping problem in Tripton.  While investigating the dog thefts, he stumbles across a meth lab, and the town reporter is found shot to death in a ditch which leads to a rather dark secret. 

This book just rolled right along with Virgil stomping hard on a veritable hornets nest.  There was a plethora of people making bad judgements and compounding their problems, angry dog owners who just want their canines back, and an odd kid wandering around the woods with a rifle.  The wit was dry, the humor subtle and not so subtle, and emotions all over the place.  Sandford even managed to include a slow motor boat race across the Mississippi, a golf cart chase, a riot in an alflafa field, and lots of doggie happiness. 

Like I said, I loved every minute of Deadline.  I think this just became my favorite Sandford book. 

Highly recommended, especially if you've read the first seven Flowers books.

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