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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remodel Update - Week 4

A bit more progress last week, some of which is now behind the SHEETROCK!  Walls and ceiling are back!  Wiring was finished and the plumbing we needed done in the tub fixed.  No pics of that - happened while we were on vacay.

Corner where stove and cabinets will go.

Wall with sink and fridge

Kitchen table will eventually go here with a small cabinet on the right side facing hallway

Looking at sink/fridge wall from "hallway"

So what I need to do next is:
  • pick out paint.  I'm thinking Southwest colors because I love the terra cottas, sage greens and mustard yellows from the desert southwest. 
  • pick out knobs and handles for the cabinets. 
  • pick out a new faucet.  I thinking something in a black - Brother's house had this really nice burnished black faucet that looked fantastic. 
  • pick out some kind of light fixture for where the table will reside. 
  • and pick out a light for over the kitchen sink

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