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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coop and Chickens!

Baby chicks are three weeks old today!  They are growing fast!  Tail feathers and wing feathers are starting to come in, they are fluttering about with gusto, and eating like well, chickens.  We are starting to see some early comb development, so we have some Leonard's, Sheldon's, and Howard's to go with our Penny's, Bernadette's and Amy's.  Not the best pictures, I admit, hard to capture the little buggers in low light conditions. 

Little fellow in the upper left is a Leonard.  I think.
Din! Din!

"What you lookin' at Bub?"  (I think he's a Leonard too...)

Progress on the coop continues. Two and a half walls are insulated and OSB and hardboard is up.  Left is the rest of the insulation, wiring, and the final wall (which is where The Husband is bringing through all the material).  His plan right now is to finish the coop enough to transfer chicks right from the parents garage into their new abode.

What you can't see in this top picture is the front window has been installed on the inside.  We'll finish painting when the weather turns nice again. 

Here we're looking at the front inside corner of the coop.  Screen door has been installed, so the front door can be left open for ventilation in the summer.  No worries, dear readers!  It has hardware cloth over the screen portion for extra protection.  Top left center is the installed window.  Hard board on the two center walls.  Insulation in the right side of the picture. 

There was a pause in construction activity this past Memorial Day weekend - The Husband rented a chipper and we chipped up 7 piles of brush and miscellaneous downed trees around the yard.  Those wood chips will go in the future chicken run.  As they decompose, they'll attract bugs and worms and things for the flock while protecting the ground a bit. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the chickens are going to have some pretty snazzy digs!

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