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Monday, May 4, 2015

Remodel Update - Week 5

Cabinets were ordered this week...twice actually.  Contractor put in the order and a couple days later got a call from the store with "good news/bad news".  Good news - she had put in the order.  Bad news - the color I wanted was no longer available.  As in totally discontinued with nothing even close to "medium oak".  Which mortified the saleswoman and perplexed the contractor.  Medium oak is  one of the most popular colors, how can a company discontinue a color line and not have something ready to replace it?  Saleswoman and contractor worked together to find me what I wanted - and in the end, I'm getting better cabinets!  Yay!

Sheet rock is in, muding is complete, paint picked out, faucet selected, and Husband and I are debating about light fixtures.  The one we could both agree on was not available in the store to physically look at.  We do have an Option B (a couple actually) picked out, but we aren't thrilled with the glass globes.  Which I said we could just replace with something else.  Meanwhile, I have an email into the contractor to ask about the feasibility of ordering online. 

wall to right will have sink and fridge

Table will go here, just to the left of the wall.  Small corner in front (to left of light switch) will be new cabinets and counter.

Corner for fridge, "dining" room to the right.

Husband and I also looked at refrigerators.  I'm just not wild about this bottom freezer style that seems so prevalent right now.   I don't have bulky items in my freezer (mostly have have small packages of things like flours), I don't like the idea of bending over to fetch things out, and I don't like how the space is designed.  A bit frustrated right now. 

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