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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Remodel Update Week #6

Just a brief update for week 6 - I would have posted sooner but I didn't have my pictures ready.

Kitchen is painted!  Photo doesn't really capture the richness and warmth of this terra cotta color I've picked out, and much of this will end up being covered by cabinets, fridge, back splash and stove.  But what will be exposed will be just awesome. 

Dining room is painted! The original green we (and it was a "we" thing) picked out was waaay to dark for one of the darker rooms in our house.  This warranted a run back to Home Depot and a slew of new paint chips picked out.  I went a couple shades lighter in the green and yellow tones.  Turned out perfect in brightness and for complimenting the kitchen.  I will be able to re-use my curtain rods and will probably keep my original curtains as well.

fridge is in the living room...

I'm short on pictures because the battery in my camera chose that moment to die. 

We have picked out our faucet and light fixtures.  I'll go pick out cabinet knobs and handles now that we settled on a light design. 

We need to decide on trim for dining room and living room.  Kitchen will be oak.  Dining room and living room were priced out with painted (white) pine - it's what was originally there.  We do have the option for a bit more $$ to go with oak.  What to do...what to do...

And what you don't see is the flooring going in!   Very exciting! 


Karl A. said...

It's coming along nicely! How long until the cabinets get here?

Kristin said...

Not sure when cabinets will arrive and I keep forgetting to ask. Distracted with all the other progress.

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