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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remodel Update Week #8

This past week has been trim work in living room, dining room and the kitchen.  The bi-fold door of my small pantry closet gave the Contractor conniptions because it's not a standard sized door space.  As did the door to the basement.  Basement door is in, and he thinks he has a solution for the bifold door.

Imagine little 1920's farm house not having standard sized spaces!  Ah, the joys of having an older home.

If things continue smoothly, cabinets might be here end of this week.  Contractor said once cabinets are in, he can get us back into the house while we all wait for the counter tops.  That would be awesome!  

Sorry, no remodel pictures this week.   Here's a couple of some violets blooming in the garden.


Karl A. said...

That's how our MN house was, I don't think there were "standard sizes" in the 20's. Everything was 'about yeah big'.

Anonymous said...

Oh my .....the joys of remodeling.

Where are you living while all of this is going on?

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