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Monday, June 15, 2015

Remodel Update Week #11

We moved back into the house a week ago - the chickens were getting too big for the brooder in my folks garage and my folks were expecting non-family over night company, so it was time.  Our house wasn't quite ready for us - cabinets were just going in, we had no sink nor kitchen plumbing.  The bathroom plumbing (as recently revealed through updates) can't handle washing dirty dishes so we've been "camping". 

I unearthed my electric kettle (I gotta have my breakfast tea) so breakfast has been instant oatmeal and fruit.  Suppers have been grab 'n go from the co-op or pre-made kebabs from the meat market.

By the end of the week we were back in business with a temporary sink and plywood counter tops. I even got my house water filter installed.  Yay! 

So progress is slowing a bit as we move toward completion - counter top people are coming on Thursday to measure (they are driving up from the Twin Cities!), once counters are installed then the Contractor can finish the back splash and trim work. We are also waiting on the glass for the one cabinet we left "open". 

All of this adds up to spending the weekend unpacking kitchen stuff.  It's been like one great big treasure hunt with the grand question of "where in the world did I put....?"   Everything needs to be washed as it's put away.  There is so much construction dust in the basement that eventually I'll need to clean down there as well.  But for now, it can hold.

Recipe reviews should resume shortly.

Sorry for "messiness" - like I said, still unpacking!  
Blue line above sink is how high back splash is going to go.

Messy messy...but gives you an idea of what we're doing.

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Karl A. said...

Wow, what a difference!

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