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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Remodel Update Week #9; Chickens and Coop

Double posting here.

Trim is in, kitchen door is in, pantry door is in.  It's looking great!  The best news is, cabinets should be picked up TODAY!   YAAAYYY!

The Husband snapped a couple of pictures - wasn't the best light, our walls are not red.

I'm glad I decided to put in new doors.  These look so much better than the old ones.

Trim around the window is what we are admiring. 

Plan as of this morning is we are going to move back in this coming weekend.  Baby chickens have outgrown their space in my Folk's garage and we need to get them into the coop. 

And, here are some pictures of the coop as of  Monday:

The Husband will be closing off the last wall today now that he's done working on the bulk of the inside and bringing things through. 

We lost another chicken this week - one of the Bernadette's didn't make it.  She was the runt of the group, we think she caught a yeast infection, and between being the smallest and getting pushed out of the way all the time the fungal infection did her in.   We still have 24 chickens remaining.  So yeah, best we get them into some larger accommodations.   


Karl A. said...

When do the cabinets arrive?

Kristin said...

This week. We're all hoping by Friday. They're coming from Harrisburg, SD.

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