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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Long Lost by Harlen Coben (Myron Bolitar #9)

Long Lost (Myron Bolitar, #9)Long Lost by Harlan Coben

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacket Blurb:  It begins with an early morning phone call to Myron Bolitar. His old flame Terese Collins is in Paris, and she needs his help. In her debt, Myron makes the trip, and learns of a decade-long secret: Terese once had a daughter who died in a car accident. Now it seems as though that daughter may be alive-and tied to a sinister plot with shocking global implications.

Read as an audio book.

In my humble opinion, this book didn't so much as wade into the realm of implausibility as it leapt in with both feet ala "cannonball" style with a big SPLOOSH!

So our loveable protagonist Myron receives a phone call from the delectable Teresa whom he hasn't seen or heard from in 8 years - she's in Paris and would he please come?  Ah! A beautiful damsel in distress - of course Myron is going to go.  And that's were the SPLOOSH comes in - once his feet hit the ground in France, he's detained at customs, arrested by the police, attacked by terrorists on the street,  rescued by Win, attacked again, customary Big Gun Fight!, kidnapped...

Oh yeah.  Plot had me rolling my eyes and I haven't even covered all of it.  Need to leave something for you to discover without spoilers. 

Yet, because the book totally shifted over into the fantasy realm, I was able to just sit back and enjoy the ebb and flow of the characters interactions.  We know Myron is a softie and will get his heart broken (again); we know Win is fiercely protective and loyal, Esperanza is a tough nut with a heart of gold, and Big Cindy is Big Cindy. 

The reader will get the customary glimpse of Myron's devotion to his parents and his angst and their getting old, the book is peppered with those fabulous humorous quips that nicely balance out the darker aspects of the plot, and a couple new characters to add some wonderful color.

If you've read the first eight books, recommended.  If you're just starting this series, strongly suggest you start with number one.

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