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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Remodel Update - July

Back in the beginning of June we moved back in, cabinets were installed and measured for counter tops.  Then it was a holding pattern till last week when they arrived in a flurry of activity at 730am in the morning.

Yup. 730am.  I think we're all used to the company telling us "[it] will be delivered between 8 and 10" and at Noon we're still waiting?  Opposite this time!  Luckily the contractor was bouncing up the driveway right behind the delivery guys and in a matter of 20 minutes (as I was heading out the door), the temporary sink was being pulled out, plywood coming off and that's about where I left it.

And I came home to:
Tape above sink/under light is how high my backsplash will go

Photo really doesn't do these justice.  You can't see the pretty copper colored flecks. 

We're still not quite finished.  The back splash has proven to be a bit problematic finding something that is complimentary with the counter tops.  Two cabinet fronts with flaws need to be replaced and my modified small cabinet (which I forgot to take a picture of) needs to be finished.

We are sooo close!  

Next update:  the chickens! 


Karl A. said...

That is coming together nicely!

Kristin said...

Wish you could see it in person - my pictures really don't do everything justice. :)

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