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Monday, August 10, 2015

Garden and Chicken Update from 8/3/2015

I was out of town at an anatomy workshop the previous week so there is no meal or meal plan to post about. 


In chicken news, 13 roosters went away last week for processing.   That left the Husband with 9 girls and one rooster we've dubbed "Red".  Red is an Ameracauna and promises to be a very pretty bird (and a mostly quiet boy).  He's got a red body, iridescent green tail feathers, a black patch on his chest, and various coloring in between.  He's a bit hard to photograph right now, so pictures will come later.

This also means the Husband does not have quite the number of hens he wanted to carry through the winter, nor the number that would naturally keep his coop warm.  In very quick fashion, he built a "chicken cruiser" for the garden (think mobile chicken coop), and we procured some birds for sale off of Craigslist.  The other option was to buy another 15 chicks and go through the whole brooding/butchering process again in November.

Which means we're putting those birds to work!  Now they can start earning their feed.

Which brings us round to pictures of my Summer garden.  No veggies this year due to remodeling the house, building a coop and raising chickens, but the flowers did really well.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so peaceful!

I love watching chickens to their chicken thing! ;-)

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