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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chicken update!

Lookit this! 

One of our Ameracauna's (aka the "Bernadettes") has started laying!  I knew we were getting close and it's finally happened.  The Husband said he found the egg under the four nest boxes he created, which doesn't surprise me, really.  It's a nice cozy cubby. 

Egg in the middle is from the Ameracauna.  First eggs are always so little! 

Supposedly, when one begins to lay, the rest will quickly start as well.  Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Omelets for everyone! LOL

You said it would be soon and you were RIGHT!

Karl A. said...

And how did they taste?

dubjay said...

Hey Kristin--- I'm going to be on a vision quest in Duluth this week. Want to meet? Have lunch or something? This is all totally your fault, with your list and all.


Kristin said...

wjw -

Well, you asked... :) Yes, lunch or something would be lovely. I've sent an email to your "dubjay" address.


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