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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Movie: Dr. Strange

I haven't done a movie review in a while...simply because I just haven't been to the theater.  Fall was too beautiful to waste indoors.

The Husband and I caught an early showing of Dr. Strange last Saturday.  I LOVE that I can catch a 915am movie!!  Grab some lunch afterwards, run an errand, and I can still enjoy my afternoons. 

Dr. Strange is set in the Marvel Comic universe, of which I only have a passing knowledge.  I've seen the first two Ironman movies and that's about it. The great thing is, you don't need to really understand the Marvel world or comics to enjoy this movie. 

Premise of the movie is Dr. Strange is a brilliant and egotistical surgeon.  He's callous, self-centered, and, from hints dropped in the movie, spending money hand over fist.  On his way to a speaking engagement, he fires his car off the side of a hill (texting and driving!) and crushes his hands.  Without his hands, he becomes nothing.  After a last ditch surgery fails, he spends the last of his money on a trip to Nepal to seek the help of the mystics. He gets more than he bargained for when the Ancient One shows him a world he doesn't believe exists - it's outside the realm of science.

The Ancient One has a student who went rogue and has stolen a spell from one of the sacred books. This spell is to bring to power the Eater of Worlds.  Dr. Strange, his understanding of his powers not yet manifest or understood, is forced to take on a the Ancient One's adversary and a God. 

Fun, fun movie!  The plot was engaging.  The special effects were AWESOME.  The acting was good - we are dealing with a lot of CGI Green Screen here - and the humor was, humorous.  I thought the movie was a balanced blending of action, character development, humor, special effects all while advancing the plot.

This can be watched as a stand-alone movie.  That being said, the observant movie goer will have observed how they set up a sequel.  Dr. Strange was engaging enough that I would go see the next one.   Recommended. 

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