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Monday, January 23, 2017

Recipe Review from 1/16/2017

An unusual post this week - I didn't type out the recipes this go around because they were all sooo long and moderately involved.  I've referenced the cook books.   If you use your slow cooker as much as I do, I HIGHLY recommend America's Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution.  Amazing. 

The Meal Plan week of 1/16:
Sat (L) leftover chicken  (S) out - Pizza Luce
Sun (L) Moroccan Chili    (S) Spaghetti and meatballs
Mon (in town for class)  chili
Tues (sub yoga PM )  spaghetti
Wed - meatballs and polenta
Thurs (yoga)  meatballs and polenta
Fri (yoga)  Moroccan tagine

Lunches (Me) slow cooked Moroccan Tagine   (Husband) wraps

Moroccan Chili (modified America's Test Kitchen Slow Cook Revolution)  gluten free
This was another notable chili though the "Moroccan" aspect was very subdued and reflected more in the chickpeas than the spices. I used pork instead of beef and didn't detected a huge difference. Ground lamb or buffalo might also be good substitutes. This came together very quickly, flavors are nicely balanced, and while not a "hot" chili - it wasn't lacking for spices. I served this with some naan as a change of pace from chips. The only downside is this only makes about 5 servings, so that was a bit disappointing . Otherwise, recommended.

Slow Cooked Chickpea Tagine (modified America's Test Kitchen Slow Cook Revolution)
gluten free, vegetarian option
If my nose and taste buds are telling me anything, it's that I managed to somehow burn this one. The perplexing bit is - there was nothing "burned" in the bottom or sides of the slow cooker, I didn't have to scrape anything off the sides, and I didn't notice anything charred. Yet...burned. I think. I ate it anyway because this made about 8-10 servings and I wasn't going to waste that much food. It's not like it was inedible, just not what I thought I could/would be.   Recommended with reservations - I don't know I goofed something or if that's just how the recipe tastes. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs (Lidia's Mastering the Art of Italian Cuisine)
I saw this one on one of Lidia's cooking shows, and it looked simple and tasty enough that I had to get the cookbook and give it a whirl. While it wasn't quite as easy as she made it look on TV, it was still decent for a weekend meal: I could clean as I go and had plenty of leftovers for later in the week.

 If the cook follows her recipe, it flows along pretty smoothly - chop onions, sauté, add tomatoes, set aside and let simmer. Make meatballs, fry/sauté, add to sauce and finish cooking. Make spaghetti. Clean-up and eat! A couple comments - I used hot Italian sausage instead of beef/pork mix; my sauce was lacking a bit of zing because I was out of red pepper flakes (I did add some garlic). And I only cooked one half pound of the box of spaghetti - as a mid-week change I served the rest over polenta.   Recipe recommended, jury still out on the rest of the cook book.    

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